The target is to develop integrated solutions for an innovative landing gear system for civil aircraft, mainly for the regional transport.

The CAPRI project aims to develop innovative technologies for the main components and subsystems of the landing gear of a commercial aircraft, in order to improve the “mission effectiveness” in terms of performance, reliability, maintenance, flight safety, and to develop a strategy for the qualification and certification that makes extensive use of simulation models of elementary parts each duly validated by laboratory tests at full scale or dedicate mock-up. Furthermore will be carried out a study of the machining technology with low environmental impact in the field of green technologies.

The expected results can be as listed below:


  • Definition and validation of components and solutions cinematic and dynamic for the landing gear and its main subsystems;
  • Reduced weight and cost of the systems and subsystems;
  • Implementation of electromechanical systems for the electrical actuation of the steering system and emergency uplock of the landing gear;
  • Application of new materials (composite material, titanium alloys) to structures of the landing gear;
  • Sensing system for the automatic determination of Weight and Balance;
  • Definition of test methods and simulation (Virtual Testing) for data processing and qualification.