The Campania Aerospace Technological District – DAC S.c.a r.l. – was established on May 30th, 2012 with the definite goal of stimulating the collaboration between research centers, universities and firms in the Campania region in order to foster business opportunities and continuous growth and innovation.

Currently, the Campania Aerospace District involves 174 direct and indirect partners, including 28 large companies (e.g.: Leonardo, MA Group, DEMA, GEVEN, Atitech, Telespazio, etc.), 18 Research Centers (e.g.: CNR – National Research Council, CIRA – Italian Aerospace Research Center, ENEA and the 5 Campania Universities) and 128 SMEs and other entities.

Sectoral Areas

DAC, represents a new model of development which faces the new challenge related to competences consolidation and integration of all regional excellence in the aerospace industry:


Commercial Aviation, for the development of enabling methodologies and technologies to design and build the new regional aircraft;

General Aviation, for the development of manufacturing and assembly techniques of light aircraft in the Business & General Aviation (B&G Aviation);

Space and Carriers, for the design and development of space platforms such as micro-satellites and dual technologies related to carriers and systems for logistic and communications;

Maintenance and Transformation, for the development of methods of maintenance and transformation useful for the new technologies and methodologies planned within the district.


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