DIsruptive Vertical high-density thrust Autoplane


The DIVA (DIstruptive Vertical high-density thrust Autoplane) project was proposed by the DAC (lead partner) with the industrial partners Trans-Tech, Tecnosistem, Laer and LFI, in response to the public notice of the Campania Region for support to MPMIs from Campania in the implementation of technology transfer and industrialization projects, with Executive Decree n. 178 of 03.16.2021, within the POR Campania 2014-2022 – Axis 3 – Action 3.1.1, and approved with Executive Decree n. 289 of 16.05.2022 and D.D. no. 328 of 05/30/2022.

The DIVA Project consists in carrying out industrial research and experimental development activities aimed at increasing the TRL of the enabling technologies necessary for the development of a distinctive and innovative Advanced Air Mobility vehicle (AAM). It is intended for safe inclusion in the future context of Urban Air Mobility (UAM – Urban Air Mobility).

The introduction of air mobility in city areas is linked to the exploitation of vertical take-off and landing technology based on small-sized electric or hybrid propulsion systems, completely included in the structure of the vehicle and capable of generating high thrust values with reduced consumption. This is the essence of the DIVA project, a future vertical take-off and landing autoplane of disruptive innovation. It’s not a helicopter because it has no exposed propellers and it’s not an aero-car because it doesn’t need wings and runways; therefore, it will be able to operate safely within inhabited centres. Its high thrust density does not require ground effect like hovercrafts; its engine body will have small dimensions to allow its complete integration into a quasi-automotive structure also equipped with wheels for movement on the ground.

The development of DIVA requires an industrial research effort as well as experimental development to bring mature technologies (TRL 3-4) to their technological limit and demonstrate their validity in a relevant environment (TRL6). The technological themes, key points of the project, are: the propulsion system, understood as the thrust actuator system, be it a propeller, a compressor or other; the engine system, i.e. the system that supplies mechanical energy to the engine; the energy system, i.e. the source that guarantees the power supply to the engine system for an adequate time, i.e. to obtain adequate autonomy of the system.

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