The FUSIMCO proposal is developing an innovative fuselage in hybrid (metal / composite) configuration in order to significantly reduce the structural weight.
It will be considered the manufacturing technologies that can increase the competitive advantage resulting from the use of composite materials (monolithic components, infusion processes, out of the autoclave process) or hybrid metal/composite components. It will be evaluated manufacturing technologies for the use of low-weight, low-impact, low-impact materials for secondary structures for major systems and interiors installations.
Test campaigns will be developed to validate selected technologies. The configuration and manufacturing process of the fuselage and its components will be developed and validated by defining demonstration elements in order to validate manufacturing processes. The developement of assembly processes for large aeronautical components will be based on the definition, development and validation of a combination of auto-adaptive and end-effector new-generation drilling systems capable of optimizing process parameters based on diameters and Stack-up drilling, ensuring the required accuracy in the aeronautical field, and no damage to the structure. For assembly of metal components, laser assembly processes will be defined and developed.