The training project stems from the need to have in-house capabilities in the use of advanced design tools by design, simulation software and methods and capabilities in physical testing on the facilities in GEVEN. These skills will be enriched by specific skills related to research and development, in particular those relating to the management of the phases of experimentation and testing. The interiors development specialist, as part of the R & D team assists the Lead Designer on

the full range of design requirements necessary for the completion of components of the cabin interior with the use of innovative materials.

It will also be important that the professional acquires, during the course and the internship (OJT), skills to be a support to the Sales and Program Manager in the development of the specifications required in the pre-and post-contract for the definition of the configuration, in the phase of specific materials and research needs of design. This includes pre-PDR, PDR, post-PDR, pre-CDR, CDR and post-CDR meetings. For the type of contribution required the development specialist interiors must be able to work with the Sales Manager, in the stage of contract definition.

To operate in this sense, the professional should be able to read mechanical drawings of aircraft and computer generated designs to support sales and production, such as: LOPA, interior elevations, control drawings and detailed design. The specialist will operate throughout the Product Lifecycle: Collection of customer needs, design, documentation, testing, delivery, service.

To interact with the research project he will develop competences in the Computer Aided Design, Aviation Regulations applied to interiors, materials technologies and processes, FEM Structural Analysis Composite (Dynamic analysis and nonlinear impact; Multibody Analysis) Rendering; Preliminary Structural Analysis ,. Architecture and interior ergonomics. In addition to assisting the research project will develop the following professional skills : Acquisition of experimental data; Sensors and Measurements; DoE – Design of Experiment. Using the physical testing facilites in GEVEN.

Finally, from the perspective of design for manufacturing, must be provided elements of Design and Industrial Engineering, with emphasis on the processes related to composite materials and related design of equipment for the production, the development of the BOM and work cycles.

The Training project aims to enhance human capital, forming resources to use new technologies, as well as to increase their ability to learn in organizational contexts high tech, and be active in the aerospace sector that needs to be supported for the its consolidation and development. These resources will be formed to fit into the team working with the ability to understand not only technical aspects but also with an adequate organizational and educational work carried out on organizational behavior and soft skills. Among these soft skills will be important language and cross-cultural skills.