This project includes the development of Enabling Innovative Technologies for the implementation of an advanced modular and multi-mission Satellite Platform, in 50-kg micro-satellite class, with possible housing of multiple interoperable Payloads (P/L). The project value derives from the possible use of technologies developed to the implementation of a double-use system: as a matter of fact, if on the one hand such a platform may enable a hosting service in orbit for Payloads of a different type and nature, it allows on the other hand to supply – to a wide range of possible players in the Space branch – a dedicated service of in-orbit validation and demonstration (IOD/IOV). This kind of service, exclusive prerogative of
Big Industries sofar, inevitably leads to allow to Businesses interested in the validation of their own technologies in an operating environment, to access to a service matching these needs, customizable and at a low cost, so as to generate a positive trend concerning these technologies availability on both the National and International market.
4 main innovation areas are affected by the presented study:
-Advanced propelling systems;
-Innovative approach and docking systems;
-Technologies and processes to the implementation of advanced smart structures through Additive
Manufacturing and innovative materials;
-New-generation processing technologies and systems.
The submitted project shall allow to develop technologies and processes necessary to the implementation of a demonstrator prototype for the described systems, with a Technological Ripeness Level (TRL) between 4 and 6. The initiative multidisciplinary quality, involving a number of Companies of the branch is perfectly suited to a widespread distribution objective of the expertise acquired during the project implementation.
An industrial and research partner co-operating during the whole study phase stands for a direct channel to transfer technologies to the Industrial world, generating a major impact for the results that can be directly exploited by the private sector.