The project aims to train two specialistic profiles that can support research projects focusedon developing new techniques for assembling solutions for composite-metal hybrid aerostructures, for the class of regional aircraft, to be achieved through innovative techniques of laser drilling and cutting of parts in aluminum alloys, using cooperating robots stack-up hybrid composite-aluminum. The objective would be reducing time and costs with strong innovation and automation of the overall process.

The first profile is committed to pursuing the highest expertise in the field of research and analysis oaeronautical materials and innovative materials and environmentally friendly processes for the surface treatment of aircraft components.

The second profile is oriented to the development of manufacturing processes and assembly of aircraft structures madewith innovative materials through cutting and laser drilling of aluminum alloy components and drilling through cooperating robots, stack-up hybrid composite aluminum. It will also be studied the technique of “Reverse Engineering” which will facilitate thecoupling without shim of aluminum-composite hybrid components by reading the mating surfaces and appropriate techniques of geometric correction of the parties.

The trainees will participate in the process of mentoring, the process of validation of resultsof technologies analyzed.

At the end of the course the two identified profiles could manage work flows and assembly aircraft components and systems in highly automated manufacturing environments.

Phase B on the job training includes the completion of professional training by operating activities to be performed by during the testing phase of the technologies developed on the item demonstrators.