TOP (One Piece Technologies) project was proposed by DAC (leader) with industrial partners Leonardo, Aerosoft, Protom, HTT, ItalRobot and UniNa “Federico II” as scientific partner, in response to the Public Notice of the Campania Region for the selection of Research and Development Projects for Enabling Systems and Technologies for the Aerospace Industry published with DGR No. 388 of 06.08.2019 under POR FESR 2014/2020 – AXIS I – ACTION 1.2.2.

The strong industrial interest in achieving the expected objectives led to the start of the activities at risk and in part since December 2019. The ranking of eligible proposals was published with DD No. 81 of 02/08/2022 by the Campania Region, in which the TOP proposal was admitted to funding for a cost of €15,677,405.22. The currently expected duration of the project is 49 months with a deadline of December 31, 2023.

The TOP project aims to develop “one piece” technologies through the definition and application of innovative processes for the manufacturing and assembly of composite material aerospace structures. This context is pursued within the most modern paradigms of the smart factory and Industry 4.0, so that innovation also becomes a driving force for industrial repercussions with growth in skills and competitiveness throughout the supply chain. The project includes the creation of a system of technological demonstrators in the aeronautical field as a tool for experimentation, but also for validation of results, in order to cover the entire product and process life cycle. Therefore, the initiative combines product and process innovation through design and implementation along the lines that characterize the modern aeronautical sector: one-piece technologies, composite materials and the smart factory for Industry 4.0.